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重庆招商置地开发有限公司 开发的长嘉汇弹子石老街景区   南起王家码头,北至弹子石老街百岁坊、西起法国水师兵营、东至弹子石广场,占地面积12万平方米。

Danzishi Old Street Scenic Area at Landmark Riverside Park (the confluence of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River) covers an area of 120,000m2, stretching from Wangjiatuo Wharf in the south to Baisui Memorial Archway in the north and from French NavalMilitary Camp in the west to Danzishi Square in the east.


Located on Nanbin Road called “the Bund of Chongqing”, the scenic area is preserved and rebuilt jointly by Hong Kong Land Holdings Limited and China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co., Ltd.. Paul Andrew, a French famous architect, was invited to design the master plan of the scenic area, aiming to inherit and promote the valuable Chongqing’s Port Opening Culture which has been around for more than 100 years and to revive its prime.

主要包含弹子石老街、弹子石广场、重庆杜莎夫人蜡像馆重庆海洋探索中心、法国水师兵营五大核心景点。在这里,您可以信步80米高差的弹子石老街,穿梭错落有致的“一街两埠四院十景”,体验原汁原味的重庆记忆;也可在法国水师兵营感受重庆开埠时期的酒吧街的喧嚣,在重庆最大亲水广场—弹子石广场饱览一线魅力江景,重走清朝乾隆年间有名的王家沱水码头;也可以亲睹被誉为“长江上游第一关”的海关石,在20世纪中国西部唯一租借地王家大院、为爱解义恩嘉堂一览重庆开埠印象;还可以在西南首家的重庆杜莎夫人蜡像馆、中国首家的重庆SEA LIFE海洋探索中心,收获世界级奇妙旅程。还有汇集国际潮流时尚、各国精致美食的购物公园,开启缤纷独特的休闲购物体验。

The scenic area mainly includes five key scenic spots, namely Danzishi Old Street, Danzishi Square, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Chongqing, Sea Life Chongqing and French Naval Military Camp. Here, you walk up Danzishi Old Street with a drop of 80m and travel through the patchwork of “One Street, Two Ports, Four Courtyards, Ten Scenic Spots”, and feel the original memory of Chongqing. You may also feel the busy Bar Street at French Navy Military Campduring the period of Chongqing’s Port Opening, enjoy a charming full-view of the river on Danzishi Square, the largest waterfront in Chongqing, and retrace Wangjiatuo Wharf which was well-known during the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1736-1795). In addition, you can witness the Custom Stone known as “the First Pass on the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River” and enjoy the impression of Chongqing’s Port Opening by visiting Family Wang’sCourtyard, the only concession in western China in the 20th century and Enjia Temple. Besides, you can have a world-class marvelous visit to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Chongqing, the 1stone in southwestern China and Sea Life Chongqing, the 1st Sea Life in China. Moreover, you also have a unique recreational shopping experience at Landmark Riverside Park endowed with stores featuring international fashion trends and delicate foods from all over the world.


Danzishi Old Street Scenic Area at Landmark Riverside Park reflects upon the Chongqing’s Port Opening that took place more than 100 years ago. It represents the common memory of Chongqing people and “the New Landmark of Cultural Tourism in Chongqing”, with sightseeing, recreation, entertainment and shopping rolled into one.



弹子石老街  Danzishi Old Street


Danzishi originated from a rock at Wangjiatuo Dock. The legend has it that Da Yu and Lady Tushan (Da Yu’s wife) became a couple. As King Yu had been taming the flood, Lady Tushan turned into a rock since she had been expecting his return over a long period of time. Subsequently, the rock gave birth to Xiaqi (Da Yu’s son). The people at the time named it Danzishi(or a rock giving birth to a son), which was later called Danzishi (with similar Chinese Pinyin) among people.


Family Wang, a notable family in Chongqing, founded Wanmaozheng Salt Businesson the street. There was a rich business climate fueled by numerous business and trade activities around Family Wang’s Courtyard. As a result, the street is called Danzishi Old Street. Since Chongqing was opened as a commercial port, the street was crowded with foreigners, becoming the most prosperous site of Nan’an District. The street served as a key passage that is connected to Chaotianmen Dock. It starts from Nanbin Road, ascends step by step along 1 Danzheng Avenue and ends at Danzishi crossroad. The main street stretches over nearly 1,000m with a drop of nearly 80m.


Chongqing Merchant Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. launched the maintenance and redevelopment of the rundown Danzishi Old Street while reserving Chongqing’s unique tradition in the year of 2015. Much effort has been made to build One Street, Two Ports, Four Courtyards, Ten Scenic Spots. There are blocks of four concepts: Bayu Old Street, Seeking the Old Street, Falling in Love with the Old Street, Shopping at the Old Street. The genuine and traditional Chongqing that stays in People’s memory comes alive as people travel through well-arranged alleys and courtyards, the stilted buildings, the theater, the drama stage, the cinema, the church and so on. A new scene comes into your sight with each step made.

法国水师兵营   French Navy Barracks


Chongqing Custom was officially established on March 1, 1891, the 17th year of reign of Emperor Guangxu of Qing dynasty, which marked the official Port Opening of Chongqing. The measurement team of French naval military force led by the officer Voorst arrived in Chongqing by taking French warship and founded French Navy Barracks in Nan’an District of Chongqing in the year of 1902 which was also called Hodent Military Camp. Chongqing French Navy Barracks was formerly known as North-ocean Navy Operation Office of Qing Dynasty which served as a barracks for the soldiers and officers to reside, a food warehouse, a repair workshop and a material depot as well at the time. Meanwhile, the Camp which used to act as a French control station on the upper reach of the Yangtze River worked as a coastguard for the Yangtze River course. 


Chongqing Merchant Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. managed to preserve and make a good use of the Camp while reserving its original structure and style. Much effort has been made to build it into the most beautiful life aesthetics platform in China that incorporates culture and creativity space, art aesthetics space and spiritual warehouse as well. 

弹子石广场  Danzishi Square


With an area of 50,000 m2, Danzishi Square consists of 6 squares of varied sizes. The Yangtze River Bank that stretches over 516m gives the best night view of Chongqing and the view of confluence of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River. Apart from offering a gorgeous night view of Chongqing and the best site to appreciate the view of such two rivers, it is a site where the tourists feel relaxed.

重庆杜莎夫人蜡像馆  Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Chongqing   


Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Chongqing is the 1st one in southwestern China and the 5th one following Hongkong , Shanghai, Wuhan and Beijing. Meanwhile, it marks the 20thone worldwide.


With an area of about 2,000m2, the museum is open to a 1-2 hour visit for a single group of visitors. The visiting area falls into ground floor and 2nd floor. It features multiple theme show areas, namely movie star, TV backstage staff, humane studies, historical figures, world leaders, sport stars, music stars and others. The visitors have the chance to have an intimate touch with their loved idols.


All theme show areas provide the visitors with a variety of amusing interactive programs. The visitors not only have the opportunities to explore and study the working process for waxworks but also make their own wax-made hand models. The understanding of working process and appreciating the art behind the works always have the company of pleasure and comfort.



重庆海洋探索中心  Sea Life Chongqing 

世界第一大水族馆连锁品牌——SEA LIFE海洋探索中心,由全球家庭娱乐巨头默林娱乐集团运营,目前在全球共有超过40家,横跨欧洲、美国和亚洲。重庆海洋探索中心(SEA LIFE Chongqing)将是中国首家海洋探索中心(SEA LIFE)。有别于一贯的大玻璃盒子式的海洋馆,馆内可谓一步一景,设置有海底隧道,黑匣子等不同的主题互动区,游客将通过逼真的造景、绚丽的灯光效果及17个主题区域展示,在多个场景自由穿梭,既是海洋馆又是主题乐园,在“寓教于乐”地与各种生物的游乐互动中,进一步地了解种类繁多的海洋生物,收获海底奇妙旅程。

Sea Life, the World’s largest chain brand of aquariums, is run by Merlin Entertainments Group, a global home entertainment giant. At present, there are over 40 Sea Life aquariums in total all over the world, with its presence in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Sea Life Chongqing is the first Sea Life aquarium in China. Distinguished from the common aquariums in the form of glass boxes, Sea Life Chongqing can be called as “Scene goes different with each step made”, which is equipped with different themed interactive zones like subsea tunnel and black box. Tourists can walk free through many scenes like vivid landscaping, colorful lighting effects and shows of 17 themed areas. Sea Life Chongqing plays a role between aquarium and theme park. In this place where “Education is combined with recreation”, you further know a variety of sea creatures and have a wonderful journey under the sea while playing and interacting with various creatures.


长嘉汇购物公园    Landmark Riverside Park


Landmark Riverside Park was opened in 2016, which incorporates series of international first-line recreational tourism programs, international fashionable retail brands, delicate foods from all over the world, and experience programs oriented to cultural creativity. A diversity of business activities featuring a wide range of brands start a colorful journey with an all-round international shopping experience, fashion consumption, recreational entertainments, delicate foods, children and parent-child activities and experiences of cultural creativity. Combining centralized business with street commerce, the open commercial space is equipped with outdoor furniture boasting of a broad view of the rivers. Tourists can experience music mixed with the river-related emotions in “Starry Restaurants and Bars”, the 1st one with endless river views in Chongqing. In addition, Tourists enjoy wines and foods at home and abroad, having a unique recreational shopping experience that a metropolis offers.


Every year, Chongqing Merchants Land Holdings Development Co., Ltd. holds themed activities here to interact with the tourists from time to time.